Flu reports at all time low.

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Seasonal Flu rates are at all time lows. The main factor is the weather. With record temperatures in many parts of the country, the health sustaining properties of the sun trump any man-made vaccine. UV-Aid is based on the health sustaining properties of the sun. Germ killing hydrogen peroxide is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. UV-Aid directs this germ killing light to areas of the body that are susceptible to germs namely the ear, nose, and throat. Click on Center for Disease Control to view an updated map of flu reports. This time of year reports of flu are normally widespread.

CDC Map Shows Flu is Spreading

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The flu season is heating up. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, provides a service that tracks the spread of flu from state to state. Are you ready?


UV-Aid Holiday Sale

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Get an early start on your stocking stuffers! Buy two UV-Aids get the second for half off! Order four get the fourth FREE! Enter the coupon code uvaidxmas. All prior sales excluded. Limited offer.

2010 Flu Season Officially Starts

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Flu Season Officially has Begun with first case in Kentucky

Is Cure Worse Than Disease?

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More than 1000 adverse responses in children under five were reported to the TGA by June this year.

Hand Sanitizers Don't Stop the Spread of Most Germs

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‎"Hand Sanitizers Don't Help Cut Down on Colds or the Flu"

UV-Aid battles airborne germs

Swine Flu Shot Suspended After Vaccine Linked to Neurological Disorder

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UVaid warns against flu shotsAt UV-Aid we believe Prevention is the Best Medicine. While receiving a vaccination or antibiotics may be necessary at times,  we all need to be more aware of the potential risks. Our blog is dedicated to alerting you to issues related to colds, flu, and ear infections and help you lead a more healthy life.