Lack of Sunshine Causes Higher Rates of Ear Infections

Posted by Administrator on 1/12/2011 to Education
The lack of sunshine causes higher rates of ear infections rather than cold temperatures. A prime example is Pune India. Pune India's average temperature ranges from 60F to 80F year-round and in past couple years they have experienced a 20% increase in ear infections. The cause? According to Dr Kailash Sant, ear nose and throat specialist and skull based surgeon from Sahyadri Hospital, “The city saw less sunlight during winters which ...provided the viruses with a congenial condition to grow and cause infections.”

Dr. Sant's states the  reason for the development of UV-Aid. UV-Aid supplements the health sustaining daylight that is missing or in short supply during winter or in the case of Pune India, monsoon season. In addition, UV-Aid enables you to deliver the health sustaining light precisely to the areas of your body most susceptible to infection, your ear, nose and throat.

UV-Aid for Monsoon Season