StayAwake: Natural way to keep from dozing.

StayAwake: Natural way to keep from dozing.

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  • StayAwake:StayAwake Light Increase Alertness Helps Keep You Awake!
StayAwake is new from UV Technologies. StayAwake is a special blue light that suppresses melatonin, the hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in animals and regulates sleep and wakefulness. Use StayAwake to help increase alertness when reading, studying, or doing mundane functions.

Memory, attention span, reaction times, alertness, learning ability and cognitive processes all perform much better under blue light. In fact, a Germany study showed an immediate improvement in learning process equivalent to a 5 point increase in I.Q. 

Several studies now confirm that this blue light is mainly responsible for regulating our body clocks. For example, very low levels of blue light produce an equivalent or greater body clock response than high levels of white light, despite the fact that the white light contains blue.

Demands of modern work schedules and lifestyle have disrupted our exposure to natural sunrise, sunset and the essential blue light from the morning sky. As a result our sleep/wake and energy patterns can suffer, causing many to feel the negative effects of perpetual jet-lag. While it may be impossible to waken and fall asleep with the sun or receive enough beneficial morning light, technology from UV Technologies is recreating nature as much as possible, in an effort to improve performance throughout the day. 

Clip StayAwake with its flex arm and magnetic clip to a book, computer, headboard, or anywhere where you can see the blue light and suppress melatonin.  Press once for white light (low effectiveness), twice for steady blue (high effectiveness), three times for blinking blue (ultra-high effectiveness/short duration)