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I ordered a UV Aid to test it during a trip to Vegas where I was filming a series of instructional videos for a magazine. I hooked my UV Aid to my key chain (yes, it's very handy and portable) and boarded the first plane. My sinuses had been a little stuffy a few days before and I had totally forgotten to use the UV Aid. As I was sitting on the plane I felt a small tickle in my throat. Adding to the stuffy sinuses, I did get a bit concerned, and then I remembered the UV Aid, which I hadn't tried to use until this point. I shined the UV Aid into my throat and turned on the light. 20 seconds later, I allowed the UV Aid to visit each nostril... I was asked if it worked. I swallowed hard and noticed the tickle was gone. So, my answer was YES. My sinuses were still stuffy, so I continued to use the UV Aid. By the time I landed, I actually felt great; the tickle had not returned and my sinuses were beginning to open up...I am now so impressed by the UV Aid that it is part of my daily routine and I'm sure I will be mentioning this product in my next book on voice."

Jaime Vendera
Professional Vocal Coach, Featured on Discovery Channel's MythBusters, First Person on Record to Break a Glass with his Voice. View Jaime's full testimonial on YouTube

"I just got to Oregon on the train and there were quite a few sick people. I started to feel it in my throat and used my UV-aid. Twelve hours later and I feel fine! Asthma sufferer!"

Diane Edenfield
Napa Valley, California

"I felt a cold coming on with a sore throat. I used UV-Aid on my nose and throat and felt better the next day. Thank-you!"
Lucy Gizzi
Rochester, NY

"We use this product and it does work. Twice daily. In the morning before school and then when my children come home. :) It has helped reduce the instance of ear infections. I had stopped for about 2 weeks and then my daughter got the bad ear infection she now has."
Tracy DiNezza
Hargerstown, Maryland

"Purchased one for my son and I, neither of us have been sick."
Megan McFarland
Keystone, South Dakota

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your outstanding customer service! It is something that is not seen very often these days. As I mentioned, I have been in the customer service arena (airline) for 20 years and know the value of this type of service. You have made a customer for life. I will, as I said on the phone, spread the good word about UV Technologies."
Ann Cardin

"My fiance came down with strep a week before our wedding.  I used UV-Aid and stayed healthy."
Katie Allerdice
Elmira, NY

"I must tell you that I am a true believer in UVAid. I honestly feel it is incredible. When I begin to get a stuffy nose I use it immediately and have not had a cold or flu this year. Last week I had the beginning of a brutal ear ache. I used UVAid and pain disappeared in about 2 hrs. Here in Florida there are so many people always coughing and sneezing it is a wonder I am not sick. UVAid to the rescue. I have always been sick in November even though I always had a flu shot. My doctors always recommended the flu shot because I have neutropenia (weak immune system). I had a reaction to a flu shot due to the H1N1 inclusion. I do not intend to have another flu shot. So now I rely on UVAid.."
UPDATE!  I'm happy to report I'm still free of any cold, flu, or ear infection. Thank you so much UV-Aid!

Anita Barbero
Venice, FL

"I have been taking UV-Aid but my wife did not, she got sick with the flu and I  stayed healthy throughout. Thank you!"
Andreas Bluhm
Cologne, Germany

"Received mine yesterday. It has already helped my throat."
Jim Smith
Fairmont, WV

"I have just ordered your product, and am very excited to begin using! I've heard of this UV technology before. I work in a small office environment, and it seems people are sick all the time. I lead a very healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it's not enough."
Cristof Kander
Las Vegas, NV