UV-Aid for Pets

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Use on Pets

UV-Aid is used to help prevent dog flu and ear infections in pets. With more pets being kept indoors the opportunity for sunlight to naturally kill invading bacteria and viruses has diminished. This is especially true for floppy eared animals that suffer the highest frequency of ear infections. 

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"My dog has especially long ears and has had ear infections for years. I started using UV-Aid on my dog over six months ago and he hasn't had an ear infection since. I'm a believer."

"My dog used to get ear infections and get this smelly black substance oozing from his ears.  I tried numerous treatments prescribed by my veterinarian. The infections kept coming back. I started using UV-Aid on Trevor a couple months ago and he has been free of ear infections since. I'm recommending UV-Aid to all my friends."

How UV-Aid Works

UV-Aid uses UV light to help prevent the onset of air born diseases in the deep within the nasal and ear passages. UV-Aid kills viruses and bacteria, present in  orifices where disease start through a process called photo-oxidation. Photo-oxidation occurs when Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) produces hydrogen peroxide when exposed to certain wavelengths of light. UV-Aid uses 380nm light proven to be safe and effective to produce hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a FDA approved disinfectant and germ killer. Once the hydrogen peroxide produced by UV-Aid has performed its task of killing germs, enzymes known as peroxidases decompose hydrogen peroxide into harmless by-products of water and oxygen. Nature's perfect way to kill germs!

UV Technologies recently sponsored bacterial colony tests showing the effectiveness of UV-Aid. Skin was swabbed with a sterile Q-Tip before and after exposure to UV-Aid. The results show a dramatic reduction in bacterial counts before and after UV-Aid.

Isn't it time you help your pet kill germs before suffering from chronic infections?  We all love our pets, and through our desire to protect them, we've also taken them out of their natural environment. Animals, like humans, are creatures of their environment. Owners of reptiles have recognized the need to supplement the lighting environment of their pets for years. 

Prevention is the best medicine. Get UV-Aid for your pet today!

UV-Aid on Dog Ear