Ultra Fast Melanin: UV-Aid's Secret

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While some drugs and treatments require hours if not days or months before taking effect, UV-Aid starts producing hydrogen peroxide in your ear, nose, and throat in less than one pico second. That's one million-millionth of a second or .000 000 000 001 second. Feel a sore throat coming on? Our customers report instant relief after using UV-Aid. Now you know why.
UV-Aid Ultra Fast Relief for Sore Throats

Photosynthesis and Photo-oxidation

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Photosynthesis, a process vital for all aerobic life on earth, uses the energy of the sun to convert water and carbon dioxide into organic compounds (sugars) and oxygen. Photo-oxidation, a process vital for the health of living organisms, uses the energy of the sun to convert water and oxygen into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). "Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler." Albert Einstein.

UV-Aid uses photo-oxidation

CDC Map Shows Flu is Spreading

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The flu season is heating up. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, provides a service that tracks the spread of flu from state to state. Are you ready?


More Sources of Hydrogen Perxide in Human Body

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The body produces hydrogen peroxide through the photo-oxidation of melanin and also with the help of bacteria called lactobacillus found in the intestines and vaginal flora. Lactobacillus is used to treat yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and much more. The correlation between hydrogen peroxide and disease prevention is compelling. Save 25% when you order 2 or more UV-Aids using code uvaidxmas. Act Now!
NIH Publication

Amazing Melanin

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Did you know that one of the highest concentrations of melanin exist in your inner ear? Melanin is one of the most acoustically sound materials known to man. Also, when exposed to certain wavelengths of light, Melanin produces hydrogen peroxide which is an effective disinfectant. UV-Aid stimulates the melanin in the ear to produce hydrogen peroxide to help ward off air-borne germs that can cause infection.
UV-Aid helps prevent ear infection