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Prevention Is The Best Medicine

UV Technologies mission is to provide the safest and most effective products for our customer’s health and well-being using nature based technologies. Over a decade before COVID19 or CORONA VIRUS were a household words, we set out to provide a safe and effective product that helped prevent all types of airborne bacterial and viral infections because we felt it should not be an accepted fact that every year, hundreds of thousands of people die from seasonal illness.

For over TEN years, UV-Aid has helped keep thousands of satisfied customers healthy with millions of safe and effective treatments helping to prevent airborne bacterial and viral infections. Airborne infections start in the nose and throat. This is where you need protection the most. UVAid light produces hydrogen peroxide through the natural process of photo-oxidation deep within your nose and throat. Hydrogen peroxide is a safe and effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial compound. It also stimulates your immune system helping to keep you safe and healthy. Buy Now

Safe: UVAID technology uses UVA light that is safe on skin, in the ear, nose, and throat.

Effective: UV-Aid is over 95% effective in helping to prevent airborne bacterial and viral infections.

Easy: Use UV-Aid before you go out in the morning, before you go to bed, and other times throughout the day when you think you may have been in contact with an infected person or persons.

Responsive: UVA light produces hydrogen peroxide immediately when exposed to human skin. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective antiviral compound and chemokine that helps activate white blood cells that act within seconds to help stop infection.


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Is there proof UV-Aid works?

Recently, many researchers have confirmed the role hydrogen peroxide plays in marshaling the innate immune response. In addition, the germ killing abilities of hydrogen peroxide are well known. UV Technologies sponsored laboratory studies have shown a dramatic decrease in bacterial colony counts when human skin is exposed to UV-Aid light. UV-Aid has earned over a 95% customer satisfaction rating over ten years on the market helping to prevent bacterial and viral infections, including colds, flu, and ear infections.

Do you guarantee it will work?

Good hygiene, rest, and good eating habits supplemented with the use of UV-Aid is the best way to remain healthy. Good health is achieved with a proper balance of all the elements.

How do I use UV-Aid?

You can turn on UV-Aid by either using the small switch or pressing the back side of the unit (side away from the UV-Aid label). If you use the switch remember to turn it off after use, otherwise you will run down your batteries. Apply the light emitted from UV-Aid to both your nostrils, back of throat, and both ears. Use as directed. You will find exposure times on the backside of the blue insert card packaged with your UV-Aid. Keep this card for future exposure reference and for testing the strength of your UV-Aid’s batteries. Point the UV-Aid light at your blue card. You will see it glow. When the light gets noticably dimmer, it is time for new batteries (batteries usually last 4-6 months) .

What is the best way to administer UV-Aid?

We recommend using a mirror in your bathroom, in your purse, or car to confirm accurate aim of the UV light, otherwise with practice you get better without a visual aid.

When should I use UV-Aid?

Use UV-Aid before you go out in the morning, before you go to bed, and other times throughout the day when you feel you’ve come in contact with someone who is sick or if you feel any tickle in your nose or soreness in your throat. Do Not Use More Than 4 Times a Day and follow the recommended exposure times listed on the back of your package. Also wash or disinfect your hands as UV-Aid cannot help stop infections caused by germs transmitted from the hands to eyes. We recommend using UV-Aid on ears as a matter of practice to help prevent ear infections. We do not recommend you shine any form of light in your eyes, but in the event you accidentally shine the light in your eyes, the amount of UV your eyes are exposed to outdoors is many times the UV emitted by UV-Aid.

Is it safe?

Yes, a single UV-Aid treatment is equivalent to less than a couple seconds of exposure to the sun. For children, if you follow the suggested exposure limits, UV-Aid exposes your child to much less UV than if you took a stroll with them outside. UV-Aid only uses UVA light which has been proven to be safe on the skin.

Is UV-Aid more effective than washing your hands?

Hand washing will always be an important defense against disease, however, it does not prevent airborne transmission. UV-Aid kills germs in areas of your body that are hard to reach such as your nasal cavities and throat where diseases fester and start.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

The founder and President of UV Technologies is a physicist with over twenty patents related to UV light, daylight, and other light sources. He developed UV-Aid after suffering from chronic asthma, multiple colds (4-5) every year, in addtion to flu, and and two bouts of pneumonia while living in the NorthEast. After unsuccessfully trying all the traditional treatments like, Vitamin C, Saline Sprays, and over the counter cold products, he discovered his symptoms almost immediately disappeared after exposing his nasal passages to UVA light. In the 10+ years of using his invention, he has had only two minor colds and he has been free of any bacterial or viral infection for the past 6 years. The asthma is gone and he has been healthy throughout the pandemic. Buy Now


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