Our Mission

UV Technologies mission is to provide the safest and most effective products for our customer’s health and well-being using nature based technologies. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and in the products we sell. For over TEN years, UV-Aid has helped keep thousands of satisfied customers healthy with millions of safe and effective treatments helping to prevent airborne bacterial and viral infections. 

While colds can be a nuisance, the flu is deadly causing more than 500,000 deaths per year worldwide. One top of the seasonal flu, this year has been extra challenging with the onset of the Corona Virus or COVID19 with over two million deaths worldwide. 

UVAID technology uses UVA light that is safe on skin, in the ear, nose, and throat to help prevent #Covid19 three ways: (1) UVA light breaks the bonds of the lipid cells that surround and shield Covid19 from the immune system. (2) UVA light produces hydrogen peroxide when exposed to human skin. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective antiviral compound and also attracts white blood cells to the area of infection. (3) UVA stimulates T cells which are critical in the development of antibodies. To date, UVAID has reported 100% effectiveness in preventing #COVID-19.

The UVA light emitted by UV-Aid both helps weaken COVID19 and heightens the body’s immune response to the virus, helping to keep you safe from COVID19 and ALL pathogens in your ear, nose and throat. UV-Aid is over 95% effective in helping to prevent flu, colds, and ear infections for all ages. UV-Aid has been sold for over ten years providing millions of safe and effective applications. Buy today!