Oralite: Electric Toothbrush

Uses UVA light whitens teeth and keeps gums healthy.

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Oralite is a breakthrough in dental care. Oralite’s light helps fight germs while effectively cleaning and whitening your teeth. The UVA light emitted by Oralite activates germ killing and whitening hydrogen peroxide especially in hard in reach areas in your mouth. UVA light also attracts and mobilizes white blood cells in your oral cavity helping to kill germs while preventing bad breath, cavities, and illness.  This is all done while the head effectively cleans the surface of your teeth with high frequency vibrating brushes. You will see results with in days. Read more about the amazing properties of UVA light.

Good oral health is an important key to overall health. Using Oralite in conjunction with UV-Aid you will greatly improve your oral health and reduce your chances of getting sick from colds and flu. Oralite comes with two brush heads and a recharging cord that plugs into your phone charger. A single charge lasts a couple months. There are two settings: Low with two LEDs and a medium frequency cleaning, and High using all three LEDs and a high frequency cleaning. 
After using Oralite for a year, a customer’s dentist was amazed that he could find little if any plaque and commented that his teeth were so white that he thought he had them whitened even though he is coffee drinker and enjoys an occasional glass of red wine with his meals. 
Quoting Dr. Lang:”As you know your oral health continues to be at a high standard with minimal plaque and calculus and no dental decay detected. You should continue with your regime of good home care with daily rotary brushing and UV light treatment with the Oralite brush. Your enamel color looks good (as well as your gum health) and I expect it will be maintained with your continued regime. I look forward to your next scheduled visit.”

Hydrogen peroxide is a known anti-bacterial and anti-viral compound in addition to an effective whitener. The UVA in Oralite light helps activate hydrogen peroxide thus greatly improving its effectiveness. Most whitening toothpastes now use hydrogen peroxide and the UVA light acts like a catalyst to maximize its cleaning and whitening powers. For best results, pour 3% hydrogen peroxide on your Oralite before and after use. Not only does the hydrogen peroxide act to clean and brighten teeth but also cleans your Oralite tooth brush. In a study published in the JAC entitlted, “Synergic antibacterial effect between visible light and hydrogen peroxide on Stretococcus mutans” the combination of blue light and hydrogen peroxide was found to be super effective in killing one of the most nasty bacteria known.  At UV Technologies our creed is “Prevention is the Best Medicine” Oralite UV toothbrushes provide optimal dental care.