Oralite: Electric Toothbrush with UVA light whitens teeth and keeps gums healthy.

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Oralite is a breakthrough in dental care. Oralite’s light helps fight germs while effectively cleaning and whitening your teeth. The UVA light emitted by Oralite activates germ killing and whitening hydrogen peroxide especially in hard in reach areas in your mouth. UVA light also attracts and mobilizes white blood cells in your oral cavity helping to kill germs while preventing bad breath, cavities, and illness.  This is all done while the head effectively cleans the surface of your teeth with high frequency vibrating brushes. You will see results with in days. Read more about the amazing properties of UVA light.

Good oral health is an important key to overall health. Using Oralite in conjunction with UV-Aid you will greatly improve your oral health and reduce your chances of getting sick from colds and flu. Oralite comes with two brush heads and a recharging cord that plugs into your phone charger. A single charge lasts a couple months. There are two settings: Low with two LEDs and a medium frequency cleaning, and High using all three LEDs and a high frequency cleaning. 
After using Oralite for a year, a customer’s dentist was amazed that he could find little if any plaque and commented that his teeth were so white that he thought he had them whitened even though he is coffee drinker and enjoys an occasional glass of red wine with his meals. 
Quoting Dr. Lang:”As you know your oral health continues to be at a high standard with minimal plaque and calculus and no dental decay detected. You should continue with your regime of good home care with daily rotary brushing and UV light treatment with the Oralite brush. Your enamel color looks good (as well as your gum health) and I expect it will be maintained with your continued regime. I look forward to your next scheduled visit.”

Hydrogen peroxide is a known anti-bacterial and anti-viral compound in addition to an effective whitener. The UVA in Oralite light helps activate hydrogen peroxide thus greatly improving its effectiveness. Most whitening toothpastes now use hydrogen peroxide and the UVA light acts like a catalyst to maximize its cleaning and whitening powers. For best results, pour 3% hydrogen peroxide on your Oralite before and after use. Not only does the hydrogen peroxide act to clean and brighten teeth but also cleans your Oralite tooth brush. In a study published in the JAC entitlted, “Synergic antibacterial effect between visible light and hydrogen peroxide on Stretococcus mutans” the combination of blue light and hydrogen peroxide was found to be super effective in killing one of the most nasty bacteria known.  At UV Technologies our creed is “Prevention is the Best Medicine” Oralite UV toothbrushes provide optimal dental care.

UV-Aid: Cold, Flu, and Ear infection Prevention

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UV-Aid’s ground breaking patented technology helps prevent the common cold, flu, sore throats, and ear infections safely and effectively by stimulating the body’s immune system to kill bacteria and viruses in the ear, nose, and throat where infections begin and then maintaining good health through the activation of memory immune cells. 
UVA Light Inactivates COVID-19 
UV-Aid helps prevent viral infections of all types including the Corona Virus or COVID-19. This is what we know: COVID-19 is very deadly, maybe 10 times more deadly than the common flu, can live on surfaces for days, is transmitted through the air, and is very contagious as multiple and large clusters are forming on a daily basis. One reason why the virus is so dangerous is that in some cases it incubates for days or weeks before showing symptoms in patients. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information  (NCBI) has just come out with a recommended treatment for COVID-19. The report states COVID-19 can be effectively “inactivated” by ultraviolet light. “SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) belongs to the betaCoVs category. It has round or elliptic and often pleomorphic form, and a diameter of approximately 60–140 nm. Like other CoVs, it is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and heat.” UV-Aid emits Ultraviolet A light, the safest and most effective UV light on CoVs like COVID-19.
COVID-19 surrounds itself with fat or lipid cells to shield itself from the immune system. UVA light effectively oxidizes lipid cells meaning when lipid or fat cells are exposed to UVA light the chemical chains that hold them together are broken. What is left is a vulnerable virus for the innate or non-cellular immune system to engulf and digest the virus. the remaining information from the virus is used to produce antibodies. 
UVA Light Heightens the Immune Response
What we already know about the human immune system that is well understood and accepted by the medical community is: When the body is injured, for example getting a cut, it releases a cocktail of chemicals known as cytokines that signals the immune system to go to that area and thoroughly check out what is going on and if there is a foreign pathogen, it will kill it and document it so when the next time this event happens the body will be ready with its compliment of  memory immune cells. One of the key chemicals first released when the skin is disturbed is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is known as an effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial compound and additionally it is a strong signaling agent for the immune system to go to a specific area in the body. Since the corona virus is effectively transmitted through the air, the respiratory system is most at risk. Creating a hydrogen peroxide signal in the respiratory system keeps the immune system on high alert and greatly increases the likelihood that the Corona Virus does not go undetected before it caused a full fledged infection. The question is how can this be done safely and effectively? When human skin is exposed to the Ultraviolet A portion of sunlight it produces hydrogen peroxide through the natural process of photo-oxidation. UVA has been proven safe on skin by multiple studies. When UVA light is directed into the nose, mouth, throat, and ears, the human immune system reacts to this and sends its full compliment of defenses.
Every year over 500 million cases of the common cold, flu, and ear infections are reported in the USA. The annual cost  is more than a hundred billion dollars. Since its introduction in 2010, after ten years on the market and millions of supplemental light treatments, UV-Aid has over a 95% customer satisfaction record. UV-Aid helps prevent colds, flu, and ear infections regardless of age, race, or sex. UV-Aid inventor Kevin McGuire had a history of suffering the typical 4-5 colds per year in addition to the occasional flu and used a nebulizer every day. Since first use in 2010 Kevin has only had 2 minor colds and no flu. During the last 6 years Kevin has been perfectly healthy. His story is not unique.
Now UV-Aid is better than ever! A New, Improved UV-Aid is even more effective in helping to prevent disease with 50% more hydrogen peroxide production capability.

It only takes a few seconds for the UV-Aid light directed into your mouth, nasal, and ear cavities to produce the necessary amount of hydrogen peroxide. Once the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has performed its task of attracting white blood cells and killing germs, the body breaks it down into the harmless by-products of water (H2O) and oxygen (O). Nature’s perfect solution to preventing infection and illness! UV-Aid is safe for you and all your family. Each treatment is equivalent to being outdoors for less than a second.
After TEN years on the market and millions of supplement treatments, UV-Aid has achieved over 95% customer satisfaction rating. On 12-23-2020, a 98 year old UV-Aid customer tested COVID-19 positive. She lives in an assisted living center in NY with over 20 COVID related deaths. To date, she remains asymptomatic, has received no medical care for her condition, and recently wrote to us saying she is feeling well.   
Customers use UVAid for the prevention of a wide range of ailments, including colds, flu, sore throats, and ear infections. UVAid users that used to suffer and average of 5-6 colds a year are now reporting an average 0-1 per year. Click on tab above to read customer testimonials.

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How to Use UV-Aid

To use UV-Aid for Nasal and Ear Passages, simply place UV-Aid in close proximity to the opening of each nasal and ear passage and turn on either by pressing on the surface opposite the UV-Aid label or using the on/off switch. If using the switch, remember to turn off, otherwise you will prematurely discharge the batteries. For the Mouth/Throat, place the light in close proximity to the mouth and wand around. Follow the exposure limits listed on back of the blue insert card your UV-Aid is shipped with. Save the card for future reference. You may want to use a mirror to help you direct the light to the cavities. Do not look directly into the beam and do not exceed recommended exposure times.

Application of UV-Aid can be done as a preventative measure three or four times a day, or after you have been in an enclosed area with people who have the sniffles or are coughing, or when you feel a cold or sore throat coming on. Customers report instant relief from sore throats and itchy nasal passages. After applying UV-Aid to your nose, you may experience slight discharge from the nose. You may also experience a tin-like taste in you mouth after irradiating your mouth and throat. These minor side effects are positive signs the hydrogen peroxide is being produced. Symptoms usually last for less than a minute.

UV-Aid for nasal passagesFrequently Asked Questions:

How do I use UV-Aid? You can turn on UV-Aid by either using the small switch or pressing the back side of the unit (side away from the UV-Aid label). If you use the switch remember to turn it off after use, otherwise you will run down your batteries. Apply the light emitted from UV-Aid to both your nostrils, back of throat, and both ears. Use as directed. You will find exposure times on the backside of the blue insert card packaged with your UV-Aid. Keep this card for future exposure reference and for testing the strength of your UV-Aid’s batteries. Point the UV-Aid light at your blue card. You will see it glow. When the light gets noticably dimmer, it is time for new batteries (batteries usually last 4-6 months) .

Is UV-Aid safe? Yes, a single UV-Aid treatment is equivalent to less than a second of exposure to the sun. 

Does UV-Aid use the same type of UV light used to sterilize surgical and other instruments? No. The type of light used to sterilize objects is UVC light. UV-Aid only uses UVA light which has been proven to be safe and effective on the skin.

Is UV-Aid more effective than washing your hands? Hand washing will always be an important defense against disease, however, it does not prevent airborne transmission. UV-Aid kills germs in areas of your body that are hard to reach such as your nasal cavities and throat where diseases fester and start.

Is there proof UV-Aid works? Recently, many researchers have confirmed the role hydrogen peroxide plays in marshaling the innate immune response. In addition, the germ killing abilities of hydrogen peroxide are well known. UV Technologies sponsored laboratory studies have shown a dramatic decrease in bacterial colony counts when human skin is exposed to UV-Aid light. UV-Aid has earned over a 95% customer satisfaction rating over ten years on the market helping to prevent bacterial and viral infections, including colds, flu, and ear infections. 

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Kevin McGuire, founder and President of UV Technologies has over twenty patents related to UV light, daylight, and other light sources. He developed UV-Aid after suffering from chronic asthma, multiple colds (4-5) every year, in addtion to flu, and and two bouts of pneumonia while living in Western NY. After unsuccessfully trying all the traditional treatments like, Vitamin C, Saline Sprays, and over the counter cold products, he discovered his symptoms almost immediately disappeared after exposing his nasal passages to UVA light. In the 10+ years of using his invention, Kevin has had only two minor colds and he has been free of any bacterial or viral infection for the past 6 years. His asthma is gone.

Will I get sunburn from UV-Aid? No. UV-aid uses UVA rays. UVA rays do not burn the skin, only shorter UVB rays cause sunburn. 

Is it safe for children? Yes, if you follow the suggested exposure limits. UV-Aid exposes your child to much less UV than if you took a stroll with them outside. 

When should I use UV-Aid? Use UV-Aid before you go out in the morning, before you go to bed, and other times throughout the day when you feel youve come in contact with someone who is sick or if you feel any tickle in your nose or soreness in your throat. Do Not Use More Than 4 Times a Day. Also wash or disinfect your hands as UV-Aid cannot help stop infections caused by germs transmitted from the hands to eyes.

How does UV-Aid help prevent ear infections? The inner ear has one of the highest concentrations of melanin in the body. Melanin produces hydrogen peroxide. We recommend using UV-Aid on ears as a matter of practice to help prevent ear infections.UV-Aid for ear infections

Is it safe to shine it in my eyes?  NO! We do not recommend you shine any form light in your eyes, but in the event you accidentally shine the light in your eyes, the amount of UV your eyes are exposed to outdoors is many times the UV emitted by UV-Aid.

Do you guarantee it will work? Good hygiene, rest, and good eating habits supplemented with the use of UV-Aid is the best way to remain healthy. Good health is achieved with a proper balance of all the elements.

When should I use UV-Aid? Use UV-Aid before you go out in the morning, before you go to bed, and other times in the day when you’ve come in contact with large crowds or with someone who is sick, or you feel a tickle in your nose or throat. Do not use more than four times a day and use as directed.

How long is my UV-Aid guaranteed for? We guarantee UV-Aid for two years except for batteries.

What is the best way to administer UV-Aid?  We recommend using a mirror in your bathroom, in your purse, or car to confirm accurate aim of the UV light, otherwise with practice you get better without a visual aid.

Are there any side effects? Occasionally you may get a tin-like taste in your mouth or a slight discharge from the nose. These minor side effects are reminders UV-Aid is working.

Can I get reimbursed by my health insurance company for the cost? No, not at this time

In addition to helping prevent colds and flu, can UV-Aid help prevent bad breath? Yes, the hydrogen peroxide created with UV-Aid address areas in your passages that liquid mouth washes cannot get to.Relevant Studies:
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UV-Aid: Battery Replacement

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UV-Aid Original Light Supplement

Replacement Battery Pack

In order to keep your UV-Aid device at peak effectiveness we recommend replacing your batteries once every 5-6 months. The battery pack consists of 2 replacement batteries.

Instructions to replace batteries:

Remove the four Philips head screws located on the side of the label. 

Carefully pry the device apart with the half without the UV-Aid label facing down.

Remove the old set of batteries and replace with new set of batteries.  Make sure the short lead of the light source touches the + or positive end of the battery and long lead of the light source touches the – negative.

If the light stays on when reattaching UV-Aid, check to make sure the switch is on the off, or in the up position relative to the light source.